We have been studying multiple mobile robot systems since 1989. We consider intelligent systems as consisting of three factors: (a) multiple robots or intelligent machines (multiple agents), (b) human-beings who operate or cooperate with multiple agents, and (c) working environments. Now we deal with “design of robotics system”, “design of large-scale production/transport systems”, and “human analysis, service, and hyper-adaptability science” based on motion planning methodology, evolutionary computation, control theory, and so on.

Our final target is to establish design methodology of multi-agent systems including artificial agents, humans and working environments through clarifying the underlying structure and function in the intelligence and mobility (mobiligence) of these agents.

Current research areas

Introduction [Japanese PDF] [English PDF]

Design of robotics system

Design and management of large-scale production, transport systems, and plants

Human analysis, service, and hyper-adaptability science

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