Main Staff Prof. Tamio ARAI
Prof. Jun OTA
Students Kosei MATSUMOTOVelvet CHEN
Contents  In order to support human work in office and home environments, a robot system that consists of modules is proposed. By altering modules configuration, the robot system has the adaptability to a variety of tasks. Concretely, we define the mono-functional module as a robot, which has only mono-function (e.g. sensor or actuator) and radio communication function (Fig.1). Then a robot system can be formed and it is useful to achieve operations by attaching modules to working object and by placing them into the environment (Fig.2).
 According to the above, we deal with the following research subjects.

Keywords: Open Architecture, Modular Robot System, Petri net, Calibration, Human Interface
Abstract of Projects
 1)Design for the modular system with open architecture Aiming at the open architecture of modules and control system's configuration for different operations, modules' functions are called depending on the classified description of modules' functions and operations via Petri net, and the framework to carry out certain operation is designed.

 2) Automatic calibration for distributed modules Automatic calibration for the relative position and orientation among modules is focused on. We execute proper motions to actuator, which is one of the system components, and then we propose an algorithm to identify the relative position and orientation parameters with sufficient accuracy by observing the changes of the system state with cameras.

 3) Human interface for controlling the modules In a modular robot system made up of a moving module and several camera modules, we designed the algorithms for:

 A) instructions to the operator about the relationships among multi-picture;
 B) instructions to the robot system according to the environmental feature commands on the pictures.

 Experiments of object-transportation and object-insertion were conducted with a real modular robot system (Fig.3).

Fig.1 Mono Functional Modules    Fig.2 Open Architecture

Fig.3 Intuitive Human Interface


Interface for operation of mobile robots among multi-picture
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