Main Staff Prof. Hideo YUASA
Prof. Jun OTA
Sub Staffr Prof. Tamio ARAI
Students Trevai CHOMCHANAYusuke FUKAZAWA
Contents  This research deals with cooperative task to be conducted by multiple mobile robots.

Keywords: Multiple Mobile Robots, Cooperative Transportation, Multiple-TSP, Reaction-Diffusion Equation some performance indexes
Abstract of Projects
 Cooperative transportation task can be decomposed into various task, such as exploration task, map generation task, transportation task and task to plan the process. For effectively cooperative, exploration task and transportation task have to be assigned equally to each robot.

 In this research, we use the Reaction-Diffusion Equation on a Graph to equally assign the observation point in an environment. By chain up the observation point, we obtain the observation path for robot to explore an environment[1]. The exploration path for single robot is depicted in Fig.1. As the observation point equally assign throughout an environment, to apply a simple partitioning method can divide the exploration task for each robot in the multiple mobile robot system. The expanded path generation for multiple mobile robot system is depicted in Fig.2. As a result, we succeeded to exploring an environment by single real robot. To plan the process, we use a method that was proved its effectiveness by Ota[2]. By the method, we succeeded to premeditated transport multiple objects to multiple goals effectively by single robot as shown in Fig.3. In the next phase of this research, we plan to extend our work in to multiple mobile robot system.

1-1       1-2       1-3       1-4
Fig.1 Path planned for single robot

2-1       2-2       2-3       2-4
Fig.2 Path planned for multiple mobile robot

Fig.3 Transportation by single robot(left:initial state,right:goal state)

 [1] Keisuke Ichikawa: Path Planning according to the reaction-diffusion equation on a graph, RSJ, 2001.
 [2] Jun Ota: Rearrangement Planning of Multiple Movable Objects by using Realtime Search Methodolog , ICRA, 2002

Environmental Exploration with MobileRobot Using Reaction-Diffusion on a Graph(Small)

Environmental Exploration with MobileRobot Using Reaction-Diffusion on a Graph(Large)

Environmental Exploration of robot's surroundings(Picture of camera)

Environmental Exploration of robot's surroundings

Rearrangementof Multiple Movable Objects by an Autonoumous Mobile Robot(Small)

Rearrangementof Multiple Movable Objects by an Autonoumous Mobile Robot(Large)

by Ota

by Ota
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